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Welcome to infotinks

Here you will find many articles and also some notes. Some notes are “notes to self” that I didn’t mind sharing. Some articles are copies of other peoples posts, with proper citations included, so that I have easy access to the material from my own domain. Some articles lack good formatting because they were done in the spur of the moment, other don’t have good spelling or grammar (and I apologize about that before hand). I always try to get the material out before I cross check everything, because I believe one can still learn even valuable information even if the material isn’t in the best format.

There are plenty ways to get to an article: Search, Latest Posts & Comments, Archives, Calendar. Explore and find your favorite way.

Click on New, located up top to see the newest article. To see a lists of every article click on All Articles, there you will see the newest articles at the top. Use the search text box by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top right to look for a specific article. Look through the latest articles by checking out latests posts and comments on the right. Also the calendar of activity shows on which days new articles and posts came out.

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To get ahold of me: Best way is via comments, not email. Comments is best as its the first thing that I see when I log in (“you have a new comment”)

Note: If any of the articles on here look weird, its because I have imported the first bunch with simple copy pasting from my original blog,, which was hosted by Google Sites. I moved over to hosting my own blog via WordPress on my own Virtual Private Server (if you want to call Ramnode that) via Ramnode (servers). They are great for the money 🙂 But leave me a comment if something doesnt make sense, and ask me to edit it.

Memorial to my cat Micky

Extra Info: This domain used to be between 2012 and 2018. However, when a payment was missed w/ godaddy, accidentally, the site got hijacked. The current domain is owned by another entity. is the new kossboss.