A Coronavirus COVID-19 dashboard for the world and each country created by me. There are log y-axis scale plots and normal y-axis scale plots. Also a plot showing trends of each California county – I created this to help understand what tier* each county will be at any given date. Source code is provided below:

  • CANADA: To view daily and total plots of California provinces & territories (relative to population values): canada/canada-output.html

Source code: https://github.com/bhbmaster/covid19 .

Data Sources

  • World Data – currently active:

World covid19 data for each country gathered from here: https://pomber.github.io/covid19/timeseries.json

For more info on this data go to the github link: https://pomber.github.io/covid19/

  • Where data is gathered for US States – currently active:

The USA states data is provided by the New York times github here: https://github.com/nytimes/covid-19-data

I use this commonly updated csv file: https://github.com/nytimes/covid-19-data/blob/master/us-states.csv

  • Where data is gathered for Canada Provinces & Territories – currently active:

The Canada data is provided by the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group

I use this commonly updated csv file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ccodwg/Covid19Canada/master/timeseries_prov/active_timeseries_prov.csv

  • Where data was gathered post March 12th 2012 for California – currently active:

The California county data is gathered from data.chhs.ca.gov covid19 cases:


This provides the data in a csv format downloaded here:


  • Where data was gathered pre March 12th 2012 for California – deprecated:

The California county data is gathered from data.ca.gov covid19 cases: https://data.ca.gov/dataset/covid-19-cases/resource/926fd08f-cc91-4828-af38-bd45de97f8c3

This provides the data in a csv format downloaded here: https://data.ca.gov/dataset/590188d5-8545-4c93-a9a0-e230f0db7290/resource/926fd08f-cc91-4828-af38-bd45de97f8c3/download/statewide_cases.csv

California County Tier System Info

California uses a tier system to see what counties can have which businesses open.

This tier system uses positivity rate and daily new cases per 100,000 over 7 day rolling average (also known as moving average). Since the positivity rate lately is very good, I do not consider it in my California county plots. I plotted the daily new cases per 100K with a 7 day moving average. Turns out there is an offset/correction that is applied which I couldn’t figure out.

To see the corrected value check this link (it also explains the tiers):

Additional Info

  • The charts are updated every 6 hours starting at midnight PST. However, the values to the data source are updated daily, so don’t expect new values until after midnight.

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