A Coronavirus COVID-19 dashboard for the world and each country created by me. There are y-axis-logarithmic plots and y-axis-normal plots. Additionally, there are plots for every state/province/territory for the US and Canada and a plot showing trends of each California county. I created the latter to help understand what tier* each California county will be at any given date (this was applicable prior to June 15th 2021). Each plot is provided with regular raw values, and with values adjusted per population of the considered area (this gives relative information which is more useful then raw numbers when doing comparisons). Source code for everything is provided in the Github link below.

Plots & Other Info

  • CANADA: To view daily and total plots of California provinces & territories (relative to population values): canada/canada-output.html

Source code: https://github.com/bhbmaster/covid19 .

Data Sources

  • World Data – currently active:

World covid19 data for each country gathered from here: https://pomber.github.io/covid19/timeseries.json

For more info on this data go to the github link: https://pomber.github.io/covid19/

  • Where data is gathered for US States – currently active:

The USA states data is provided by the New York times github here: https://github.com/nytimes/covid-19-data

I use this commonly updated csv file: https://github.com/nytimes/covid-19-data/blob/master/us-states.csv

  • Where data was gathered post March 12th 2012 for California – currently active:

The California county data is gathered from data.chhs.ca.gov covid19 cases:


This provides the data in a csv format downloaded here:


  • Where data was gathered pre March 12th 2012 for California – deprecated:

The California county data is gathered from data.ca.gov covid19 cases: https://data.ca.gov/dataset/covid-19-cases/resource/926fd08f-cc91-4828-af38-bd45de97f8c3

This provides the data in a csv format downloaded here: https://data.ca.gov/dataset/590188d5-8545-4c93-a9a0-e230f0db7290/resource/926fd08f-cc91-4828-af38-bd45de97f8c3/download/statewide_cases.csv

  • Where data is gathered for Canada Provinces & Territories – currently active:

The Canada data is provided by the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group

I use this commonly updated csv file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ccodwg/Covid19Canada/master/timeseries_prov/active_timeseries_prov.csv

California County Tier System Info

Before June 15th 2021, California used a tier system to see what counties can have which businesses open.

This tier system used positivity rate and daily new cases per 100,000 over 7 day rolling average (also known as moving average). Since the positivity rate lately is very good, I do not consider it in my California county plots. I plotted the daily new cases per 100K with a 7 day moving average. Turns out there is an offset/correction that is applied which I couldn’t figure out.

To see the corrected value check this link (it also explains the tiers):

Additional Info

  • The charts are updated every 6 hours starting at midnight PST. However, the values to the data source are updated daily, so don’t expect new values until after midnight.

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