I came across this medium article about python and guitar strings and plotting scales. It has an interesting Jupyter notebook to work with, allowing to plot scales for all of the chords. It was great except it only covered 20 frets. My guitar has 24 frets. So I modified the script to allow for 24 frets & saving the plots. (I have note tested with more then 24)

So you can get something like this:

C Major scale (every whole note):

E Minor Blues scale:

Etc, the rest can be viewed from my Github (go into the Scales directory)

I then came across articles like this that also mapped each guitar string note to a midi value from 16 (low E) to N. N is the highest note. So in my case of 24 frets, N is 64 as that would be the 24th fret on the high E string. Each note increment is +1. I found this fascinating. So I modified the scripts to print all notes + their midi values. Immediately you see the pattern that every 5th fret is the same as the string above it (besides the change from G to B string).

Here is every whole note with midi values. This is also the C major scale:

If the images are too small then just zoom in.

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