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2018-08 to 2019-02-24: Site was down due to missed godaddy payments. so then my site got purchased by another entity. I had to construct a new domain “infotinks” out of my old content “kossboss”. Here we are today.

2017-02-28 to 2017-04-25: Site was down and completely erased from the hosting service – my fault. it took me a while to rebuild it from backups – still in the process – what to take back from this experience? don’t forget to pay the people that host your site (setup auto pay to ramnnode) & have easy to restore backups ? a few things twerky until we are completely back up

2015-05-12: Changed the theme a couple of times. Found the one I want.

2015 & 2014: Attention to everyone If your coming in from , welcome to the new site (This is where all of the new articles will go, no longer will I put articles on the googlesites infotinks site – which currently sits @ – all new content will go here to the wordpress site which is currently
Just bookmark and if you want also 
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How To Search Infotinks quickly

Use the search box at the top left and it should autopopulate with results like google chromes search function.

Also the URL of this site is programmed to search instead of go to error pages (when incorrect urls are posted). So to search use the following syntax in your URL:<search field>

For example searching for which article talks about iostat

You can even search with spaces (at least at one point in time you could). Example: commands

If you use a search phrase thats an actual page or post or url, it will take you to that page, instead of doing a search

If you want to implement this on your site. Go to my article:

From 404 pages to search pages

Note about commands in Linux articles:
Some commands have backticks ` and some have single quotes ‘.
Copy pasting the commands that have single quotes ‘ might come up as backticks. Visually backticks look better, however that doesnt play well with bash as backticks do command substitution. Lots of my articles include a Syntax Highlighter and in those cases thats fixed, but when the syntax highlighter is not included there might be an issue example:
alias awesome=’fun -do now’
alias awesome='fun -do now'

Eh its not doing it now, but you might see it in the articles, so be ware. Ill try and put everything into Syntax Highlighting as you see above in the neat source code box (Syntax Highlighter)

About Kossboss

Welcome to Kossboss. This sites main purpose is for articles/guides and notes for my self. If you decide to use any of the information realize that everything is USE AT YOUR OWN RISK because I cant guarantee what worked for me will work for you. Also maybe in the process of the article I missed out a step (a crucial step), hopefully not (I tried to include with all my might, every possible step, I try to be very thourough).
Also you will notice alot of information copy pasted from other sites. Im not here to plagirize or claim those copy pastes as my own material. I mean I could just link to their site (and I do), Its just I have a fear that a link might be down, and then as redundancy there is a copy on my site, with full citation to whom the rightful information belongs to. Also as lots of this is my notes, I dont see a problem with copy pasting for notes. This isn’t a book im going to make money off of. I dont put ads on the sites with links and I dont ask for donations for copy pastes. Thats for original material, also I wont put ads on anything but the main pages and the sidebars (for now at least). They look kind of annoying.
With that said, you will notice formating and look of the articles isnt my first priority. Why? Because Im trying to focus more on quality information rather then a good look. The more I focus on the look and feel, the more I will waste time on that which is not important. Whats important is delivery of information. If you dont like the method of delivery, I apologize, but its just my style.
I hope to never stop writing article, as this is just complete fun for me as well. In the process Im learning a whole lot, like I said before in my quotes on, to learn a subject best its best to teach others – thats my mission here. I write some article in a way where I try to teach my self, as If im a newbie trying to learn the material (thats how it becomes a Note to Self).
Finally I hope you enjoy it, and I hope the ads dont bother you. I just learned I can make some money with ads, I already get alot of viewers so why not. Extra income is always good. The donation this, well thats also extra income, if I actually can get people to do that will motivate me to write more and more and maybe eventually start making the formating better (you will notice with the newer articles my formating is already getting better – and I havent recieved a single donation yet) thats just from being motivated by moving to WordPress.
– Infotinks
Note About The Categories

Most of the categorie names make sense. However let me explain: Windows, Windows and Linux and simply Linux. Articles that are ment strictly for Linux are put there (I even put unix type of articles there like Solaris based). Windows is strictly Windows. Windows and Linux or Linux and Windows has articles that will work in both, you know how Cygwin (the app in windows that introduces a linux environment/shell into windows) can make linux things happen on windows. Well thats why I have a linux and windows categorie to bring those items together. Also lots of the articles that are only in the Linux category might also work in the Linux and Windows category, but i left it out to not make it too redundant.

About Comments

If you post a comment and you don’t see it on the site immediately. Dont fret, it just goes through an approval process. I will check it out and approve it. I just follow strict language rules. This is a tech friendly site. Lets keep the language friendly and professional. I wont care for a couple swear words here and there, but lets just keep it pro thats all I have to say about the comments.

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