Github: <- download location. install & run instructions.

Using the robin-stocks python module, I created my own robinhood portfolio analyzer called rhood. It parses all of your Robinhood account information provided by the API and outputs a single text output containing all of your portfolio information, order + open positions + dividend information. Mainly, it parses all of your orders and outputs sorted orders, open positions, informative profits, and dividend information. It provides a good figure to your total net gain, and net gain per any position currently owned and previously owned (currently the default Robinhood app doesn’t show this information nicely).

It requires python, the robin-stocks pip package (robinhood api client), and pyopt pip package (2factor authentication module). It can be run on Windows, MAC, or Linux.

This prints a lot of information about your stocks, crypto, and options (see note 1):

  • all of the orders (creates csvs from them as well)
  • all open positions
  • net profit calculations

It provides useful information that I couldn’t find on robinhood app itself; i.e. your profit per stock. Robinhood has a section to show total return, however that seems to clear out if you sell the whole stock. My application doesn’t do that, and it shows you total profit (or loss) for each symbol: stock, crypto, option (see note 1).

* Note 1 – Work in progress: options are not implemented yet. So if you are only using stocks and or crypto you are set, otherwise options are skipped/ignored.

* Note 2: I used the robin-stocks module. However I see there are some other modules that talk with the robinhood API as well. I didn’t use these, as they seem to be older. and here

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