Bash – If – code block, one liner, and AND then OR && ||1liner

A normal if statement in bash looks like this

Here is how to make it one line

And here is how to make it one line with ampersands ands andRead More…


date – my favorite and most used Linux date commands

Read the date man page for more info. http://ss64.com/bash/date.html Also the date –help output is very useful

  The end.


Monitoring BTRFS Defragmenation – watching btrfs filesystem defrag

Step1. Start the command below

NOTE: replace btrfs fi defrag  with  btrfs f.* de.*  if you run btrfs fi defrag using its shorter name like btrfs f de, which also works because btrfs command is like theRead More…


My favorite renditions of PS in linux

My favorite:

Same commands listed in different fashion:

Legend: a all users, without a only current user f shows in tree fashion like pstree (forest), without f normal output w &Read More…