My Collection of Netgear Visio Stencils

All of these are the free Netgear Visio stencils that I have found online.

The file Netgear-Stencils-5-Other.vss contains stencils which are missing from the rest, so I made a simple block diagram. For example the XS712T Netgear Switch visio stencil doesnt exist in those files (nor was I able to find it online), so I have a simple block diagram of it.

Here are all of the stencils (you need 7zip to unzip):


NOTE: These are all capture from free stencil websites.

9 thoughts on “My Collection of Netgear Visio Stencils

  1. Thanks for Stencils really great.
    I’m working on GC752XP and implementing private Vlans, just hoping you may have specific notes
    Even Netgear Tech support are clueless / trying to implement with WAX60 APs, Minimal stuff available out there
    It’s more sharing the information between switches (implying Lag ports? )… Never done it before.. Advice appreciated.

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