The purpose of this page is to give you some handy resources that I thought were  very useful and still currently do. I go to these sites often, whether im Troubleshooting, programming, or trying to learn something new.

With so many tutorials out there for programming, its sometimes hard to find the right one for you. Well it took a while but eventually I found the right one for me.

The new boston is great, its a group of people doing tutorials on specific language. They sound young, but dont let that fool you. Each video is just the right amount of time. They are not redudand so everything is covered once and beautifully. I pretty much mass youtube download their whole site and watch the videos.
Eli the computer guy on youtube, his channel is amazing. He covers the general information. Although redundant he has a good way to make you remember everything he ever said. Props to Eli the computer guy.
For product datasheets and manuals and new firmware I prefer to go to Hit the Business button and type in the name of your product in the search bar. Also, If you have a home device click Home products and type in the model of your device in the search bar.
There are a lot of great insights here. And if it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t of learned all that I know with Netgear.
Another great Netgear link is simply… every product is listed here and it has a accurate and useful product spec page for every device and also related product. So if you have a module and your looking for a good cable that Netgear might make, well then find the module and go to the Related Products tab.
For storage products like the READYNAS and the new READYDATA, go to
For the intrusion preventing firewalls(UTMs) and switchs(STMs) go to
Either way they will all be listed on and
Other Programs I like and you should download
1. First of all go to – Not alot of people know about this site but its a mass program “downloader”perfect for bringing your fresh formatted system up with the newest most useful apps out there.
2. I recommend for everyone to use Keepass – Its a password safe. Its great and its safe. Noone will hack it. If you want to  be extra sure make everything accessed with a certificate file or key file.
3. I also recommend the program called Fences – Im a clean and organization OCD freak so everything must be nicely arranged. All my desktop items sit in these light green opaque boxes. The are like panels for icons, if my “fence”/panel was only big enough for 2 icons and I dropped 10 icons in there then it would put a little scroll bar in it, which again sits on the desktop. Everything is beautifully arranged. Lets say I get sick of seeing all the icons, then I can double click on the desktop and all of the sudden everything disappears, not a glitch, just double click again to make everything reappear like osme programming magic or something.
4. Evernote – with so much info out there on the technological internet web and how its reaching out to hand held device(or should I just say reached, we are at the brink of a new amazing era and I love being part of it) — anyways– its just hard to remember everything — our little human brains are getting too small for all this — i bet our kids will micro-evolve to have more brain hard-drive just to sustain all this information in this new age — anyways this program is an on the go always synced and password protected source to your e-memory – now all my memory isnt just held in the electrical impulses that go of in my head but also on the electrical storage interface we call the web.
Best app to store notes, You can put the notes anywhere. All notes have sections they go in. I just have 1 Notebook I store everything in. That notebook can be shared with my peers. I can set password on sections (that hold pages) so they cant see into them unless they know the password. The passwords actually encrypt the sections. Everything you see on my infotinks also exists on my onenote Cool
Other Informative Websites — have an excellent guide on HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, SQL, and much more. — an excellent version control system
Another good app – adds more options to title bar right click

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