This article covers how to setup Teamviewer session recording and jumps into some of the hidden details and options behind that.

Building from what this article says:

The recordings are saved into a default folder and they are in their own Teamviewer format. Teamviewer can view these recordings. Note that these recordings are very well compressed and very small. You can convert them to other format like AVI but then the file size will skyrocket.

1. Open Teamviewers main screen

2. Go to “Extras” menu, “Options“, “Remote Control” tab

3. Enable “Auto Record Remote Control Sessions

TIP: You can change the default save location, by going to “Extras” menu, “Options“, “Advanced” tab and scroll down until you see the “Teamviewer options” section. There you will see the key “Session recording directory“, change that to any folder such as “C:\Data\Teamviewer9Recording\”. Make sure that the folder already exists.

NOTE: sessions are first saved into a temp folder (not the “Session recording directory” for me that was under C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\TeamViewer\Version9) and when the teamviewer session is closed (in other words everyone that is connected remotely logs out) the full recording is saved to your “Session recording directory”.

10 thoughts on “How to setup Teamviewer Automatic Session Recording

    1. Your correct. If you have sessions recording enabled (or your recording one of your sessions), and If you don’t set a directory – Teamviewer will save them to some default directory. However if you don’t ask it to record your sessions it wont save anything (regardless if folder is set or not)

  1. I dont seem to have the option of Options in the menu Extras? I have version 10. though?

    How do I find this?

    1. I think they moved it to Advanced. Just look around all of the options. Click different buttons, explore the interface. They might move things around in new versions and it will be hard to find.

  2. I’m looking to be able to block remote control recording local sessions on the target client but can’t find a setting for that. Don’t suppose anyone knows? To clarify, I do not want the controlling computer to be able to record the TV session at all. This may not be possible but thought I’d ask 🙂

  3. Does both end user can save the session after the call? because i tried to call someone for presentation then only me can save the session even though the right settings from both sides were configured. kindly advise and thanks

  4. I want to automatically record sessions of consultants who are given access to servers running TV Host. So, they connect to the server and the SERVER starts recording. How to do?

  5. Very good article. It is clear now how to setup remote session recording using Teamviewer. It is a similar setup to tools like Logmein, R-HUB remote support etc.

  6. Are sessions saved on teamviewer without it being recorded?.If yes,where do i find them?

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