Iostat Plotter v3.1 For Plotting Iostat Output && For Concatenating Multiple Iostat Outputs Into One

This is just a small bug fix from the version provided here: Iostat Plotter v3. Example out is right here.


Download Iostat Plotter v3.1 here  (see below for full version)

Pre Requisites: apt-get install sysstat this works with sysstat v9 and v10. (it might work with v11, I have not tested it – I asked author to update his software to include v11)

How to use it? First use iostat to generate your text output. Then use iostat plotter to generate your Reports into a folder HTML_REPORT. Run it with -h option to see how to use it. You can open up the reports with a browser, its just one html file in HTML_REPORT folder. Your plots gets saved as png images in the same report folder HTML_REPORT.

Here is the original Iostat Plotter v3. However I had a bug with that one, some of you might encounter it that dont have DISPLAY on your server. This v3.1 fixes it by using matplotlab.use(‘agg’) which fixes the DISPLAY issue, by forcing matplotlib to save its figures as pngs (instead of DISPLAYing them). The default behaviour of matplotlib is to display the plots, however if there is no display/monitor we have an issue. More details about that bug below:

Bug details and Fix: “no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable”
I uped the version number to v3.1. Also I have submitted this to the author as a comment (It has not been accepted yet, so im posting this on my site)
* Here is the problem & fix explained:
* Here is the v3.1 fixed version:
* Here is raw format v3.1 for wget & curl:


The above only plots 1 iostat output file at a time. What if you wanted to generate a report from several iostat output files?.

First off each iostat output, must come from the same server/NAS/PC, and must all include the same number of devices. So if one set of iostat output is for sda and another is for md125 then you cant concat them. However if both are for sda then that works. Or if both are just for md125 than that work. Or if both are for sda and md125 than that also works.

Lets say you have many iostat plots, how can you concat them together and plot them? Well for one you cant just concat them. The trick (and this script does all of this), arrange them in order, then append them all together but you only keep the header line of the first iostat output file.



Here is the script thats also on pastebin.