Kali Linux – Chrome Installation

How I Installed Chrome on Kali Linux
1.  go to google chrome and download the .deb that fits your bit
32 bit or 64 bit, I have AMD64 so I got the 64bit Ubuntu/debian.
Download the app to /root/Downloads. you will need to make a Downloads folder. /root is your home directory, aka ~. so /root/Downloads is the same as ~/Downloads
2. The iceweasel download tool or gui of kali linux wont allow me to install app that way, so open up terminal
3. cd /root/Downloads
4. ls -lisah
get the exact file name, ill call it chrome.deb for now, its a much longer name in reality
5. make sure the file has contents, or else redownload
dpkg –contents chrome.deb
6. install if has contents
dpkg -i chrome.deb
7. when you looked at contents you saw that content was like ./opt/… that means that dpkg will install it to your /opt directory. so navigate to /opt/google/chrome
cd /opt/google/chrome
8. Launching chrome simply will not work because in Kali linux we are the root user, chrome wants us to be another user. So launch it like this
First make a directory for the chrome user storage
mkdir /root/chrome
Then start it like this:
./chrome –user-data-dir /root/chrome &
The & so that we can continue using the shell while chrome is open.
9. Anyhow close chrome and lets setup the shortcuts and alias. By now /opt/google/chrome is not on your PATH so just typing chrome from anywhere wont launch it. Easy fix set an alias or a symlink.
First though lets make a start script for step 8 to always happen
cd /opt/google/chrome
touch startchrome.sh
chmod +x startchrome.sh
vim startchrome.sh
in the script just put this:
/opt/google/chrome –user-data-dir /root/chrome &
Now make the alias – but we wont go that way because we will also need to make that permanent in /root/.bashrc and thats a bigger hassle then the next symlink method:
alias chrome=/opt/google/chrome/startchrome.sh
Or make the symlink:
ln -s /opt/google/chrome/startchrome.sh /usr/local/bin/chrome
Now to make the desktop shortcut, this app comes with Kali linux but double check
apt-get install gnome-panel
gnome-desktop-item-edit /root/Desktop/ –create-new
Now Leave the type as Application and set the Name to “Chrome” and the Command type out or browse to /opt/google/chrome/startchrome.sh and hit OK
Once you hit OK you should get an Icon on the desktop and change the icon to look like the chrome ball/circle by right clicking on the new icon and select Properties click on the icon on the top left, its box, then browse to the /opt/google/chrome directory where you see a multitude of images select the biggest one its the one with 256 in its name and hit open, then close out of the properties of that icon
now you will just need to drag it to the top taskbar – where the default icons are like terminal, so that you have a mini icon..

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