My Story: Had office 365 2013 with 1 year subscription it expired. Needed to install office pro 2013 (provided by work). First needed to uninstall 365, so I did. But the install said ClickToRun is still running.

Office can be installed 1 of 2 ways

1) msi or setup.exe files – regular setup we are used to

2) click to run – streamlines the app as you install it, you will notice it launches quicker then it should (no way did it just download all of office and install that -thought happens). It gets most important files first, then while your in office it gets the rest. After a few hours of work/play its all on your PC

Office either way sits in Virtual Environment. Thats why office 2013 and office 2010 can be launched simulatenously (unlike other offices). Office 2010 used the same technology as well.


NOTE: I just wish the uninstaller uninstalled it completely.

So this is what I got:

If you have office 365, just uninstall it – uninstalling click to run is a pain, followed this guide
First try to Uninstall it from Control Panel then follow these guide <- this will fail for you at first most likely (Because of clicktorun), but follow below guide from Microsoft <- use this guide and expand all of the + and follow it to the T <- used this to get rid of clicktorun issue (however I recommend not just getting rid of click to run issue, but all of Office using above guides – meaning if you uninstalled office 365 or something and are installing office again only to get click to run issue, that means not only did clicktorun not uninstall correctly but other stuff as well – go ahead and uninstall office completely, or just hiding the clicktorun issue and then installing office again will cause more problems – like your new installed office will always ask to be repaired – thus its best to always uninstall it completely)

NOTE: When it asks to delete the entire OFFICE folder, if you try that and you get an error “Cant delete these files are in use”. Try to delete everything one by one, you should be left with just a few DLL files. Finally go to SAFEMODE with NETWORKING. Most likely its because they are in use by explorer.exe, From safe mode with networking, then try deleting again, if fails. Open up CMD (or ConEMU if you have that) and open up TASK MANAGER (control-shift-escape) and right click on explorer.exe and kill the process, then delete offending DLL files. After that relaunch explorer.exe. Finish the guide on the uninstallation. If you run the diagcab (The one for office uninstall) when completely uninstalled, it will say it doesnt know what error your talking about – so try running the diagcab when your done, if you see an error that it says “it doesnt know what your talking about” – or something along those lines – then your in the clear. Mission complete. Boot up to normal. Run CCLEANER (the file cleaner and registry cleaner)

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