NOTE: according to author this method works for sublime 2. I tested with sublime 3 and it works. Makes sense that it will work with both since they both use the same filenames for their executable files

If you like to use Sublime as one of your main editors. You probably want Sublime easily accessible using a context menu like this (comes up when you right click files and folders in explorer)

You might be saying when you installed it you had the option to set that up. Yup you did but if you forgot to check that option, then your out of luck unless you want to reinstall it. Anyhow this version gives you more context items either way.

Currently this works on files and folder 🙂


1. Go to the folder where you installed Sublime (if you used portable sublime and installed it from a zip file – thats fine this works for it as well)

2. Then make a new text file and dump the contents of this script into it:

Here is the script as it was on 2014-12-6

3. rename the script to something like context.bat

4. make sure the script is in the same location as where you sublime_text.exe file is.

5. Right click on the file context.bat and click “Run as Administrator”

Its done. You will notice that it made a couple other files.


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