IPsend Program
By:  infotinks
NOTE: Linux version is just a simple script HERE
NOTE BY NOW THIS APP PROBABLY NEEDS AN UPDATE <-4/9/2013 – dont have much time to make one yet
What it is: This is a program that will send your public IP address to your email whenever it changes so it is great for those internet service providers like Century Link and Comcast that do that ever so often. It also sends other information, this program has the ability to autostart with windows so that you don’t ever have to worry about it existing or ever having to reopen it if you restart your computer, it will just run as you want. Its simply, its easy, and im surprised noone else has made this before. I WIN!
Objective: I needed an app that would send me my public IP address when ever it changed (as you know most Internet Service Providers like to change your address). Well I cant really stop them from doing that unless we pay the ISP more money. That way I always knew my public IP and i was not in dumb founded when I tried to access my FTP, or any other TCP/UDP based protocol, server and find out my IP has changed.
Other Solutions:
1) DynDNS can be tied to your router and then you would constantly have domain name tied to your constantly changing IP. Well DynDNS now costs money and I want a free solution. So that is out of the question.
2) Buy a static IP from ISP. Again a solution that costs money.
Solution: At the time of writing this app I only knew Visual Basic . NET so I wrote this. It emails you, your IP its as simple as that.
Warning: When it emails you it has to come from somewhere. So it sends an SMTP mail from a gmail account I made for this. So the email that is sent is kept in the Sent folder. Now I’m telling you this because I want you to know that I’m honest and I don’t have enough time or any hacking-know-how or any intention to do anything with those.
How to run:

1)      Just download it with the link below.

2)      Make a folder in C:\Program Files\ called Ipsend and extract Ipsend.zip there.

3)      Copy or cut the Ipsend.exe file to that folder.

4)      Then go to that folder (so it should be C:\Program Files\Ipsend\)

5)      Right-click on the Ipsend.exe file and select Send To -> Create Desktop Shortcut. This program will make a settings file when it is run, so do not delete or edit that file if you want the program to work properly. This settings file is called “ipsend-settings-dont-delete” without the quotes.

6)       Note since this was writen with a .NET framework you need to download the .NET 4 package for your operating system and install that. So if you don’t have that download that by googling for it. It downloaded right off of Microsofts website.

Latest version: (May 16/2012) 

(1) Download link is below

(2) Also need “Software drivers”Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile
To Download “Software drivers”: (google this “dotNetFx40_Client_x86_x64” or http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=24872)
Note: You might possibly already have these “Software Drivers” installed on your computer from other microsoft installations and wont need this, but it wont hurt to redownload and reinstall 

Also you can get the .NET Framework here: http://www.infotinks.com/vol-size-calculator


Revision Changes (newest at bottom):

‘first build

‘—-essential running package

‘second build

‘—-added interval textbox, added counter for fails and counter for others, added method isip4

‘—-added multisend if seperate by commas

‘third build

‘—-added location text field

‘fourth build (1.year.month.day)

‘—-added auto start up

‘fourth build (1.year.month.day)

‘—-added minimize when auto started

Source Code is available just email me at source@infotinks.com



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