By:  infotinks

Look at your music folder or your picture folder. Its all treed off into layers several folders deep. Thousands of folders holding thousands of files. Lets say you wanted to bring all those out from each subfolder recursively and just put it all on the root of another folder. One day I wanted to have all my pictures from my photos folder all in one folder. That way I didnt have to look through miles of folders and get lost in the tree going down the wrong branch only finding a dead end — anyways so I created this program. Its simple and it doesnt tie in with windows explorer. One day I will make it but as of yet, its just a program.
What it does:
Grabs a folder and all of its files and all of its subfolders files and all of the subfolders of the subfolders and their files and so on and copies them to another folder directly. So that the end result is no sub folders. Duplicate file names get renamed with extra letters appended to the end, that way nothing is overwritten.
Also check out this article which  explains more in depth what this can do: Move files to 1 path
-Download it and just extract it into a folder
-You will need the latest .NET Framework drivers (it probably always a good idea to have the latest .NET framework, and all the VC Redistributables – Just Google for ’em all)
-Select a source folder and a destination folder and hit copy KCOPY in the red
-You can analyze the source folder before you analyze or even analyze and copy on the fly together

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