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MyTracks by Google Inc. is a very interesting application that records your tracks via your mobile GPS and shows you some interesting stats like Top Speed, Average Speed, and shows a graph of how fast you were going at different points along your path (its a Speed vs Distance graph). I thought this app was amazing but I wanted to see more information and more stats. Luckily they export into CSV format. I took advantage of that and made this app. For now its in its early stages and just outputs alot of text data. So far its gives you the following information at any given data point (besides the first one, because that one initializes the calculations):
– realtime time (real time – counts stops)
– travel time (driving time – doesnt count stops)
– your rest time (difference between realtime time and travel time)
 max speed
– min speed
– average speed (based on realtime)
– average speed (based on travel)
– average speed (based on data points)
– min altitude
– max altitude
– average altitude
– speed
– altitude (meters, vlans)
New to Version 1.2:
* I have added the ability to GRAPH [Special thanks to: Zedgraph Librarys(provided with dlls, its all provided in the 7z file – as an everyday average user: dont worry about it)]
* With my MoreTracks Graph Program:
 Speed, Max & Min Speed, Average Speed:

Altitude, Min & Max Altitude, Average Altitude a Graph:

Distance with respect to Time:

Latitude and Longitude:

* Also you can view the information in a Table format and save it as an XML if you want:

 However with Googles Mobile MyTracks you only get 2 graphs – see below:
* The problem with graphs done with respect to Distance on the X axis is that you cant tell your stopping spots on this map, and how long you stopped/rested for (which can be an advantage and a disadvantage). Why? Well because when you rest you don’t move so the graphs doesn’t move forward on the x-axis(distance) – with my graphs the x axis is time so you can tell all that
Altitude vs Distance & Speed Vs Distance:

 How to get the raw data from MyTracks (Section ***):
1) Download Google MyTracks on Android device (or on iOS device as well, if they have it available for it)
2) Record a track
3) Export using the menus to CSV – share that file to your dropbox so you have access with your PC – or just copy it over to your PC
How to Install my app:
0) First make sure you have the correct .Net Redistrubutables – if you dont you can get them from – You will see the big red link in the middle of that page, follow it – or also you will see the Redistrubutables provided thry that link at the very bottom of the page
1) Download MyTracksData-App
2) Go to C:\Program Files\ and make a folder in there called 0MyTracks (thats a 0 as in a zero before MyTracks so that you can see it in the top of the Program Files when you enter in there since by default windows sorts alphabet descsending so 0 is considered smaller that a and thus will be at the top)
3) Extract the MyTracksData App into that new folder. Right click on the File and hit Send To – Desktop (create shortcut).
Uninstalling Notes:
Note to get rid of my app: just erase the desktop shortcut and the folder C:\Program Files\MyTracks with its contents
How To Use App:
1) Open the App
2) Hit the File menu and click Open
3) Select your CSV file (if you dont have one yet you can get one with Google Mytracks Instructions above in section ***) Also Below there is a sample csv file in excel-charts.7z – its my own trip from Utah to San Jose, California
4) Open it and view the data – Thats all for now
Upcoming Future Plans:
* Export to CSV or Excel in a nice format (check out the before and after: download Excel-Charts.7z)
Note: the excel-chart.7z file is really big because the raw data is huge 48000 points from Utah to San Jose, California. The CSV (original) file in there is what you get when you export to CSV in the google MyTracks app – I made the xlsx file manually, my mission is to make that process automated by my app (windows and android app). Also to test my current prerelease versions you can use the CSV file in that excel-chart.7z to see how the program works.
* Going to make a port to Android that shows the same info.


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